Forever Love / Blind Daughter

Дорама: Forever Love / Mang Xin Qian Jin / Blind Daughter / 盲心千金




Forever Love - Forever Love / Blind Daughter
Country: China
Genres: TV drama
Year: 2023
Foreign name: Forever Love
Chinese name: Blind daughter
Episode: 30
Language: Mandarin
Director: Lin Qing
Original Network: Tencent Video
Premiere time: August 31, 2023

Drama «Forever Love» Lin Xintong, the only daughter of the wealthy businessman Lin Guofu, fell in love with the poor boy Chi Shan despite her father’s objection, but on the day of the engagement, Lin Xintong was kissed by an aggressive man of unknown origin. After the mood eased, he learned that his father Lin Guofu died tragically unexpectedly! Qin Moyao was accused of being a murderer. In order to prove his innocence, he took the initiative to find Lin Xintong. Before explaining the situation, he was involved in the conspiracy of the Lin family. Qin Moyao and Lin Xintong began a special and exciting relationship. Lin Xintong slowly discovered the ambiguity between her fiancé Chi Shan and Xia Yuwei, and misunderstood Qin Moyao. For a moment, Lin Xintong was overwhelmed by love and hatred, and she decided to settle them one by one, but when she shot and hurt Qin Moyao, she realized that Qin Moyao was the one who silently protected her.

Forever Love 2 - Forever Love / Blind Daughter
Lin Xintong, the daughter of wealthy businessman Lin Guofu, was kissed by a man of unknown origin on the day of her engagement. News of her father’s death also followed. Qin Moyao, who was regarded as a murderer, took the initiative to approach Lin Xintong in order to find out the grudge between the two families, and was involved in the Lin family’s conspiracy. The two went from hostility to love. Lin Xintong also discovered the ambiguity between his fiancé Chi Shan and his best friend Xia Yuwei. Gradually approach the truth of revenge.

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  • Chen Fang Tong
  • Dai Gao Zheng
  • Ma Xin Yu
  • Hou Dong
  • Hu Xi Fan

Trailer: “Forever Love”

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